Victoria V.jpg

Victoria Vardanega | Economics & Asian Studies

From: Fair Oaks, CA; Current: Seoul, South Korea

Pomona Days: Class of 2018 | Economics & Asian Studies

Current Employment: Fulbright Research Fellow (Seoul, South Korea)


I came into Pomona thinking I would be Pre-med with a major in Neuroscience but after that Pre-health talk during freshman orientation, I decided that it wasn't the path for me. Throughout my time at Pomona I placed great importance on exploring and trying out new activities. I bounced around between different clubs and organizations, serving as a tour guide, participating in conferences as a member of MUN, and even doing a stint on a club soccer team. The value in having a diverse range of experiences gave me a network of friends and mentors that helped shape my future and provided me with a holistic perspective of my personal strengths and weaknesses.

Although I initially was set up and prepared to go into consulting, even landing a job in the spring of my senior year, I weighed the pros and cons and decided to take a year to pursue a research Fulbright in South Korea. My decision stemmed from talking with my network of friends and mentors that I had accumulated over the years and critically looking back at what had interested me in college and kept me passionate. I found that although I was engaged in the critical thinking skills and fast-paced lifestyle of consulting, I really wanted to take the Fulbright to further enrich my Korean and pursue an independent research project about a topic I valued.