Sergio Rodriguez | IR & French

From: Santa Ana, CA & Usmajac, Jalisco, Mexico

Pomona Days: Class of 2016 | International Relations Major & French Minor

Current Employment: Emergency Services Coordinator & Case Manager at Peace Over Violence

Past Employment: Community Fellow at the Immigrant Justice Corps (Sept 2016-Sept 2018), Summer Research Assistant at Programma Integra in Rome, Italy


Chirp, chirp, everyone! My name is Sergio and I am a SoCal resident who immigrated from Usmajac, Jalisco, Mexico. Both my hometown and birth town offer a pretty warm Mediterranean climate; hence, I am lost as to how I ended up in a cold New York City. I currently work at the Immigrant Justice Corps as a Community Fellow, working to provide quality legal services and representation to some of the most vulnerable populations in the city. Before this, I spent a summer in Rome conducting research at Programma Integra about refugee migration across the Mediterranean and specific laws in place to protect refugees in Turkey. 

I would love to connect with more Pomona students and hope that I can provide helpful advice/tips about post-grad opportunities. I especially welcome my first-generation, low-income, undocumented folks to reach out.