Sean Xin | Computer Science

Born and raised in Ningbo, China and Singapore (high school)

Pomona Days: Class of 2016 | Computer Science

Current Employment: Software Engineer, Microsoft (Orange County Office)


When I first came to Pomona, I thought I wanted to study PPE. Later in my college, I realized that the track wasn't really for me and ended up majoring in Computer Science because I found it more fun and challenging. Besides indulging/torturing myself in CS labs, I spent most of my time managing Claremont Chinese Theatre Group, an entirely student-run club that produces one classic play per semester. In the summers, I worked with three start-ups, specialized in travel, education and finance respectively. 

Iā€™m currently working for Microsoft on Data Warehouse and please let me know if you are interested in the industry or anything else!

Advice to students: whatever you study or do, it will eventually become useful to you as long as you found it interesting. Enjoy your time and explore boldly beyond the classroom.