Ryan Miller | Environmental Analysis

From: Denver, Colorado; Current: San Diego, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2014, Environmental Analysis

Current Employment: Principal, Malk Sustainability Partners, LLC

Past Employment:

  • Vice President, Malk Sustainability Partners, LLC
  • Senior Associate, Malk Sustainability Partners, LLC


My name is Ryan Miller and I’m a 2014 graduate now working with Malk Sustainability Partners (MSP). Like many Pomona students, I came into college wanting to pursue one career path (Middle-Eastern politics) and left pursuing a completely different one (business impact of sustainability). I left as an Environmental Analysis major with a focus in Economics and a Politics minor. 10 days after graduation, I started working with MSP, which is a boutique management consulting firm focused on the intersection of business and environmental, social, and governance issues.

My role has changed some over the last two years, as is common in any small company. Today, I focus on advising large investors as they are acquiring new businesses – giving them an opinion on the environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities facing those businesses. Some of the issues I cover include: data privacy, anti-bribery, supply chain compliance, energy management, environmental impact, sustainability branding, worker health and safety, and diversity.

Outside of work, I love to play softball, golf, mess around with sports statistics, and hang with my chocolate lab Hadley. I’m excited to get to know students and help in any way I can!