Roger Huddle.jpg

Roger Huddle | Politics

From: Sacramento, CA; currently live in Berkeley, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2012 | Politics Major & Music Minor

Current Employment / Graduate School:

  • Law Student @ UC Berkeley School of Law

Past Employment:

  • Google Public Policy Fellow @ Third Way
  • Country Director for Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait @ Office of Middle East Policy, US Department of Defense
  • Defense Fellow @ US Department of Defense
  • Associate @ White House Office of Presidential Personnel
  • Intern @ The White House National Economic Council
  • Field Organizer @ Organizing for America 2012 Campaign


After graduating Pomona College, I worked in politics and government, first on the 2012 presidential campaign, then in various positions within the Obama administration. I had a general interest in politics after leaving school, but no set plan on how to approach this field. I'm happy to talk through my experiences navigating various positions in government as a younger appointee, and more broadly about how to approach a career in national politics.

I can help you understand the difference between political and civil service careers, how to navigate political campaigns, how to make the transition from campaigning to government, and more generally what it is like to work and live in DC. I also have a bit of experience working in both state government and state races as opposed to national ones, so happy to answer questions on the differences between those two. 

After working in government, I started attending law school, so I am also happy to talk to you about that transition and how my experiences shaped my decision to go to law school. I definitely think it is a good idea to try working for a few years before applying, but would definitely recommend taking the LSAT before starting to work full time!

Generally I'd like to help demystify what it is like to work in politics and share some of the things I wish I knew before I moved to DC. Happy to answer any and all questions or just chat!