Peter Enzminger | English 

From: Danville, CA; currently living in Los Angeles

Pomona Days: Class of 2008 | English

Current Employment: Assistant Director of Development, Excelerate Housing Group

Past Employment & Grad School

  • Project Manager, Skid Row Housing Trust

  • Master of Urban Planning, USC


Hello! I am hoping to provide some reassurance of the value of your liberal arts degree in an uncertain world. I graduated with a degree in English Lit, but now work in affordable housing development, a niche, mission-oriented sector of the real estate market. I never expected that. I hope you’ll follow your own genius, but I am happy to talk about my experience and answer any questions you have. I have a lot of practice in how to translate liberal arts major titles into skills that have currency w employers—like, I wish I had a nickel for every time someone cast aspersions on the value of my English major.

Professionally, I’ve done most of my work in housing and real estate development with a variety of non-profit, for profit, and public orgs. I also have experience w urban planning, teaching, americorps, and paralegal roles. I love talking about los angeles and how to make it and california a better place.