Mock Interview Student Guide

Getting In Touch

When first emailing your mentor, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your mock interview.  Bear in mind: each mentor we connect you with is a SagePost47 member, meaning they’re actively interested in talking with & mentoring students -- they want to help you, so don’t be nervous. :)  Happy interviewing!

  • Introduce Yourself -- tell the mentor your class year and major.  If you can, describe your professional aspirations (e.g. “I’d like to work in management consulting and then go to business school”), and what you would like to get out of the mock interview.

  • Give Them The Necessary Context -- are there any particular aspects of interviewing you’re especially keen to improve?  Which industry are you interested in?  If you’re requesting a case interview, what type of case would you like to be given?  Do you have any job interviews coming up the mentor should be aware of?

  • Be Specific -- if you can specifically describe your interests, professional goals, and what you want to get out of the mock interview, the mentor will have a much easier time giving targeted feedback that will help you improve your real-world interview performance.

  • Attach Your Resume -- being able to review your resume before the interview will help the mentor think of questions to ask you and guide the conversation.

  • Suggest A Few Different Interview Times -- this will make logistics easy.  If your mentor isn’t available for one of the times you suggest, chances are they’ll be available for one of the others.  You should plan to schedule 45 minutes for your mock interview: 20-30 minutes for the interview itself, and ~15 minutes for the mentor to give you feedback.

  • As Always, Be Respectful & Courteous :)

Sample Intro Email

Hi ___,

I’m ____, and I’m reaching out to schedule a mock interview through SagePost47.  I’m really interested in interviewing with you specifically because of your experience with ____.

A little more about me: I am a ___ year at Pomona studying ____, and recently I’ve become very interested in the ____ industry.  I’m planning to apply for a summer internship at ____ company, and I’d like to get a head start on prep for that internship interview by doing this mock interview with you first.

I’ve attached my resume here if you’d like to review it.  In terms of what I’d specifically like feedback on, after our interview I would love your perspective on how I explain my resume in the context of applying for a job in ____ industry (i.e. how I show that my experience is relevant).  Also, I haven’t done many “live” interviews, so I’d love any feedback on my behavioral answers and general interview style.

Would you be available on ___ or ___ date at ___ or ___ time for an interview?

I’m really looking forward to this -- thank you so much for volunteering for this program!  I know I will learn a lot from this mock interview.


[Your Name]

The Interview Itself

  • Prepare -- review your resume beforehand, with an eye toward preparing to explain your resume & experience, and formulating answers to questions that are most likely to be asked.

  • Go Somewhere Quiet Where You Won’t Be Disturbed

  • Treat It Like A Real Interview -- it can be surprisingly helpful to practice your interview answers and demeanor on a live human being, so take this opportunity to do so.  Think of your mentor as a more senior person who works in an industry you’re actively pursuing a job in -- because they are!  Approach your mock interview as if it were the real thing.

  • Try To Relax -- nothing puts an interviewer off more than an overly-nervous candidate.  Trust that your experience and education are strong, and be confident in your explanations and answers.  Try to have a little fun, and engage meaningfully with the interviewer.

  • Debrief & Take Notes -- after the interview ends, ask your interviewer for feedback, and take notes on what they say so you can incorporate their suggestions as you prepare for future interviews.

  • Follow Up -- within a few days of your mock interview, please write the mentor a quick note thanking them for their valuable time.