Meredith Willis | Philosophy, Politics, Economics

From: Born in Arizona, raised in London, England

Pomona Days: Major: Philosophy, Politics, Economics; Extracurricular: Senior Class President, Rugby Team, Sketchy Comedy

Current Employment: TV Development at Denver & Delilah

Past Employment: Junior Agent at Kaplan Stahler Agency, Scripted Coordinator at FremantleMedia North America, Current Programming Assistant at CBS Network and CBS Television Studios


My mother and stepfather are alumni of Pomona College, so I grew up bombarded by Sagehen propaganda and aspired to go there from a young age.  I left England to attend Pomona because the American liberal arts education did not require me to apply for a specific major and I would be able to continue to study math and German, while also taking up Chinese and politics.  Pomona offered a stellar quality of life and education, and the people I met inspired me to grow and change in positive ways.  I was heavily involved in student life and participated in the Pomona College Internship Program five times.  Those internships were all in the field of entertainment and gave me the experience necessary to find a job almost immediately out of college at a boutique literary talent agency, assisting an agent who represented writers and directors for film and television.  Shortly after being promoted to Junior Agent, I left to work in the Scripted Department of a television studio, FremantleMedia, meeting with writers and developing projects (mostly dramas) for television.  I moved to the Current Department at CBS Network and CBS Television Studios so I could learn what it takes to keep a show on the air and was lucky enough to work on such hits as How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife, Under The Dome, Reign and The Big Bang Theory, helping to oversee all episodic aspects of a total of ten shows on CBS and The CW.  Currently, I work at Charlize Theron's production company, Denver & Delilah, where I collaborate with writers, directors, and producers to sell television projects to broadcast networks, cable networks, and digital platforms. 


My advice to current Pomona students is to find the right balance between working hard and having fun.   Make the most of your years at college: get involved with the community, be responsible with your coursework, and always be asking, “Can I comfortably be doing more?”  Don’t be afraid to take risks; take a class that interests you, regardless of how it may affect your GPA.  Take advantage of the Career Development Office and internships – they can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that will prepare you for life beyond graduation.