Megan Hunter | Mathematics

From: Palos Verdes, California (suburb of L.A.)

Pomona Days: Class of 2010, Mathematics Major

Current Employment/Education: First year in Ph.D. program in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Past Employment/Education:

  • Finance Intern, City of Claremont 2011
  • Mathematics Mentor, Chaffey College 2011
  • Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Master's in Statistics 2011-2012
  • Columbia Business School, Research Analyst, Summer 2012
  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Senior Research Analyst 2013-2015


Hello! My name is Megan and I have just started my PhD in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford. I loved my time at Pomona College! I really enjoyed the mathematics major but also took many courses in a variety of disciplines as well as tried out new hobbies and explored the clubs on campus. I highly recommend taking advantage of having the breath of both coursework and extracurriculars during your time at Pomona because (in addition to making you a well rounded individual) this time is one of the few chances you get to try so many new things. It has taken me awhile to find my career path, but I think that has made me more confident in my choice. There are often niches that you would have never thought of that you can discover! For example, I had no idea that a quantitative marketing was a research field in which you could get a PhD, until I did a summer internship at Columbia Business School a few years ago. I also recommend trying to have the opportunity to live in new places. While I am a native Californian and have returned, I really enjoyed living on the east coast (Cambridge during my Master's and New York while working at the Fed) for the past 4 years. Please reach out if you want to chat about anything!