Marilia Zellner | History

From: London, UK; Current: Palo Alto, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 1997 | History

Current Employment: Immigration Attorney @ Northeast Justice Center & Immigrants Rising

Past Employment and Graduate School:

  • Immigration Attorney, Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto
  • Legal Services Attorney, Bay Area Legal Aid
  • Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Society of Minneapolis
  • Harvard Law School


I support undocumented individuals seeking a fair opportunity to live and succeed in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. I volunteer part-time to provide immigration legal advice to Greater Boston Area low-income residents. In the San Francisco Bay Area, I mentor young pre-law professionals similarly interested in improving access to justice and promoting co-equal participation and contribution by historically marginalized voices in our society as a part-time contractor for Immigrants Rising (formerly E4FC)'s legal services team.

I am an attorney licensed in Minnesota, with a practice limited to federal immigration and nationality law. My background is in direct legal services and career counseling, working with survivors of violence and youth, public speaking on immigration law, program management and supervision. I promote the understanding of immigration law and policy to attorneys, law students, nonlegal professionals, and the general public.

Professional Interests: U.S. Immigration Law; Immigration Reform; Supervision and Mentorship; Public Speaking and Community Connectedness; Personal Development, Group Exercise, Music and Modern Dance Expression for Children, Families and Adults.