Margot Miller | Studio Art

From: Chicago, IL, Austin, TX

Pomona Days: Class of 2008 | Studio Art, Minor in Art History

Current Employment: Northwestern University, Physical Therapy & Human Movement Sciences
Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2016-2019

Past Employment: Operations Manager, Midwest Roots (Artisan Food)


My path to physical therapy has been anything but linear. I graduated from Pomona in 2008 and began a grad program in Architecture at the University of Michigan before determining that something wasn’t quite right. During this period of limbo, I found myself working as the chocolate & confections buyer at Zingerman’s Deli, a bastion of great food and great service in Ann Arbor, MI. Around the same time, I was introduced to Pilates, which was my first exposure to the notion of healing and preventative care through carefully choreographed movement. Looking back, it’s evident to me that those years at Zingerman’s were hugely influential in my pursuit of a career in physical therapy. It shaped my enthusiasm for an approach to work—and indeed life—that aspires at its core to improve the human experience.

Now, I have to give my husband (Jonah Roth, PO '08) credit for connecting all the dots before I did; during a road trip conversation where I was agonizing on my next move in life, he was the one that encouraged me to think about physical therapy as a possible career. But as soon as he said it, everything clicked! I am excited by my pursuit of a degree in physical therapy because it is a profession that allows me to weave together what I once saw as loose ends: my enthusiasm for empowering others to achieve their goals, my capacity for creativity and on-the-fly problem solving, and my love of a rapport-based and people-centric work environment, to name just a few.