Lizzie Aby | Biology | Chemistry | Psychology

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA; From: Minneapolis, MN

Pomona Days: Class of 2011; Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Psychology

Current Employment: Internal Medicine Resident, UCLA (Ronald Reagan Medical Center)

Past Employment: Prior to residency, I went to medical school at University of Minnesota. I was a Clinical and Translational Science Institute advanced research program scholar while in medical school. I was not in the MD/PhD track, but I was involved in research throughout medical school. 


Get involved while you are at Pomona! There are numerous cool opportunities for learning and growth; you just have to take advantage of what is available to you. Challenge yourself to take classes in fields that might not in your specific field of interest – it is worth it. 

Also, don’t forget that your fellow students make Pomona what it is. I learned the most during my four years from the people I surrounded myself with. Your friends will challenge you to aspire to more and support you while you work towards your goals. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about applying to medical school or careers in medicine.