Lindsay Ludwick | Media Studies

From: Seattle, WA; currently lives in Santa Monica, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2007 | Media Studies (FYI the last year you had to write a thesis as a Media Studies Major...lame)

Current Employment: Film Editor at mOcean in Los Angeles, a marketing company specializing in AV, Print, and other design campaigns for Theatrical and Broadcast entertainment

Past Employment:

  • Open Road Entertainment

  • Chris Cox Horsemanship

  • Pro Equine Group

  • Numerous dude ranches across the American West


My number one piece of advice for Media Studies Majors hoping to get into any sort of production job: learn a skill, any skill, that you can sell or use to network.  Learn how to edit on Final Cut or Avid, learn Photoshop, AfterEffects, Maya, anything that is offered at Pomona (or, more likely, Pitzer) that you are remotely interested in. Then, say Yes to any and every opportunity that presents itself, even if you've never done it before and you're terrified (disclaimer here--obviously don't take any jobs that are way over your head and/or could end in catastrophic failure that ruin your life.  Just know that Fake It til you Make It is a very real thing, and you're a Pomona kid so chances are you're going to be okay.)  Not only will you eventually be able to turn your craft into a way to pay the bills, but you'll make numerous connections that will help you find your Hollywood dream job.  And it's true, Hollywood really is about your connections.

I graduated Pomona with a Media Studies major and figured I'd pursue writing for television, like everybody else in Los Angeles...later.  First I wanted to be a wrangler and chase herds of horses through the mountains of Montana/Arizona/Wyoming.  On my last day of wrangling near Jackson, WY, one of my guests asked about my plans for the future, and I mentioned my love of writing/storytelling.  She asked if I was any good at grammar, and I sorta lied that I was (Fake It til you Make It), and she offered me a part-time remote job proofreading for her company's equine catalog.  My new boss, the Head of Marketing, noticed my Media Studies major on my resume and saw that I was familiar with Final Cut Pro, and asked if I could make videos for the company.  Again, I sorta lied that I could.  But it turned out great, and one job led to another, and I learned that I really enjoyed storytelling through editing; moreso than writing or being behind the camera.

My current job is my dream job: cutting trailers for movies.  I love digging through the movie (sometimes when it's still a bunch of green screen!) and finding the best shots and dialogue lines that will convey the story I want to tell; then finding the right music, sound effects, and pacing that will contribute to that narrative.  I collaborate with producers, music supervisors, composers, writers, and graphic artists; then the trailer goes to the client and the notes I receive are a creative puzzle I have to work out, version after version. 

The fact that I learned Final Cut Pro, however basic, at Pomona became instrumental in finding my current career.  Learn a skill, and then don't be afraid to use it!  And if you hate it, or it's not what you want to do, it will most likely help you meet others and figure out what you DO want to do.