Fall '17 Kick-off

Hi I’m Shirley, events team lead at SagePost 47. I am excited to share the sweet life of the leadership team with you!

The planning for kick-off started in early summer. I remember Franco and I were Skyping with the rest of the team in Sontag kitchen after helping cook and enjoying Franco’s delicious dish—Hot Pot Pork. During that meeting, we discussed logistics, such as the optimal timing for kick-off (would the hectic exciting first week of class or the slightly more stable second week of class attract more people?), what we each like about past SagePost47 events, and new ideas to be implemented. It was a vibrant and beautiful kick-off for the kick-off event (trying to make some puns as our President, Emily, is the queen of puns). 

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Franco, Tian and I took ownership of managing the kick-off event. To begin, we made an exhaustive to-do list that divided the work between the events team, which I’m on, and the marketing team, which Tian and Franco are on. We conducted the entire meeting in Chinese as we are all from China, which was quite a surreal experience for me since SagePost47 wasn’t in the Chinese category in my brain. The final Skype meeting of the summer was with the events team, which includes Chris in San Francisco and Vickie in Korea. We energetically planned our events for the entire semester. Throughout summer, I never ceased to be surprised at how efficient and internationally located we are. 

Chris sharing his vision of SP47 mentorship!

Chris sharing his vision of SP47 mentorship!

Back at school, I met Vicky--who was abroad conducting awesome research in Korea last year--for the first time in person. I was introduced to Trello, a great scheduling/teamwork program in which you can set to-do items, make checklists, label each item to its own category, and drag the to-dos into the category (my favorite part!) like moving a piece of paper from one box into the other.  We finalized the event dates, with Tian taking care of Room reservation, marketing team designing beautiful posters, Franco writing invitation emails to first years, Ali ordering swags (including the stickers that we all put on our laptops and water bottles!), my ordering boba online for the first time, Tian and I putting together a presentation, everything was rolling!!!

An hour before the kick-off, we ran a rehearsal under our team members’ support and encouraging attention. Vickie drove to pick up Boba after her golf practice.  We were extremely lucky to have two alumni mentors come join and support us at the event. Our COO and star alumni mentor Chris who presented his perspectives on mentorship, flew in from SF; Cyrus, who worked on SagePost47 during his time at Pomona and became an alumni mentor this summer, flew from New York! I was really touched by how we all worked together and supported each other, and was very impressed by how much we got done! 

The rest you already know or saw from videos Emily posted on our Facebook page (be sure to like it~). 



Thanks for reading! This is the first of a series of leadership blogs that we’ll be posting periodically, so SagePost47 mentors and mentees, and everyone who’s interested can see what we’re up to!