Laura Perrone | Psychology

From: San Jose, CA; currently living in Long Island, NY

Pomona Days: Class of 2014 | Psychology

Currently: PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology @ Stony Brook University

Past Employment: Lab Manager @ University of Southern California


People have always been central to my life. I love getting to know people better and trying to understand how they think, what they feel, and what motivates them. When I got to Pomona, I discovered that the field of psychology allowed me to take my interest in people to a whole new level by applying logic and research methods to these questions in a way that had meaningful applications. From the day I joined my first psychology lab, I was hooked.

My time at Pomona taught me many valuable lessons, but what stands out the most is the importance of passion and of people. At Pomona, you have an incredible set of resources at your fingertips to develop your passions into something productive – don’t be afraid to pursue those passions, even if you don’t see how they quite fit together right now! Classes in psychology and math didn’t always make sense together on paper but have had a huge impact on my career.

Perhaps even more important than the opportunities Pomona provided were the people it brought into my life. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the mentorship I received in office hours, the encouragement of my close friends, and the fantastic ideas that my peers at Pomona shared. I do not think a single moment I spent getting to know people at Pomona was wasted.

After graduating, I spent two years working as lab manager for the Family Studies Project at USC to gain more research experience before applying to graduate school. I am currently working toward my PhD in Clinical Psychology at Stony Brook University in the Developmental Stress and Prevention Lab. I am happy to share my experiences in psychology, getting to graduate school (take advantage of SURP!), graduate school itself, living in Los Angeles or on Long Island, or anything else about which you are curious. Please do not hesitate to reach out – I am always happy to talk with a fellow Sagehen!