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Kelly Fox Violette | Spanish

Current Location: Seattle, WA; Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pomona Days: Class of 2001 | Spanish

Current Employment:

  • Spanish Teacher and College Counselor at an Independent School

Previous Employment & Graduate School:

  • Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies from University of Washington

  • Adventure Guide, Acampa Nature Adventures, Puerto Rico

  • Life Skills & Experiential Learning Specialist, YMCA of Greater Seattle

  • Middle School Violence Prevention Coordinator, JustServe AmeriCorps, Seattle, WA


When I graduated from Pomona, I spent a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer facilitating programs like peer mediation and peer mentoring at an urban middle school. Following that I worked at the YMCA of Greater Seattle in a program serving young adults transitioning out of foster care.  During those years, I was passionately pursuing my love of climbing, backpacking and mountaineering outside of work and got excited to start melding my professional and personal interests by working in outdoor education.  I pursued a lot of training in this field, including challenge course facilitation, wilderness risk management, and various rock climbing-specific guide trainings.  After a couple of years at the YMCA, I received grant funding to initiate an outdoor education component to the post-foster care program I was working for, and I also volunteered and did some paid work for a small nonprofit taking girls into the wilderness on rock climbing and hiking adventures.  I started becoming curious about bringing my experiential approach into a traditional classroom setting, and I began exploring the possibility of teaching Spanish at the middle- or high-school level.  That led to a year spent in Puerto Rico followed by two years of graduate school at the University of Washington.  When I got out in 2009 I was hired by a school in the suburbs east of Seattle, and that's where I've worked ever since.  I now have a split assignment at my school, teaching Upper School Spanish half time and doing college counseling as the other half.  I love it.

Outside of work, my current passions are trail running, lake swimming, and any other outdoor activity that gets me above tree line; reading; travel; and spending time with my husband, our young daughter, and our family and friends. 

My advice to students: Be comfortable with a winding path.  It's okay if you don't know what to do with your whole life.  Try to jump on opportunities that arise - for work, travel, relationships - and those life adventures will get you somewhere good.