Karen Hou | Molecular Biology

From: Grew up in Cupertino, CA; moved to Seattle, WA in Fall 2015

Pomona Days: Class of 2014 | Molecular Biology

Current Employment: Clinical Research Coordinator at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle since Nov. 2015. In Fall 2017 I will be starting medical school at the UW School of Medicine! 

Past Employment: Clinical Research Assistant at City of Hope in Duarte (30 min west of Claremont). I also spent a summer leading a team as an Assistant Site Coordinator in the Los Angeles Urban Project. 


I have spent many years in the sciences: laboratory research, clinical research, various internships and volunteer experiences. All this plus my extracurricular involvements have come together in my pursuit of a career in medicine for an urban underserved population. But any Pomona student knows that a person is more than just their work: my professional interests and ambitions have a background story, as do all the other aspects of my life. Ask me about these things, but you can also talk to me about my travel adventures, the book I'm currently reading, my Christian faith, etc. 

And my advice to you is the same: You are more than your studies. Don't confine yourself to the pages of a textbook or the walls of a classroom; the world is so much bigger. And regardless of what I or anyone else can tell you, it will never beat you discovering and experiencing it for yourself.