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Josh Kim | Economics

From: Los Angeles, CA - currently working in San Francisco, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2017 | Economics

Current Employment: Investment Banking Analyst at Lazard Technology M&A Group




I came into Pomona thinking I'd be a history major and go to medical school. It took me about 5 weeks to realize that lab work wasn't for me and that science didn't really appeal to me. Through various internships, I discovered the world of finance and found it to be pretty interesting. I'm currently working in investment banking and am happy to talk about my experience, recruiting or anything related.

As for advice, find a balance where you have fun in college but also think about what you want to do after. It's getting more and more competitive every year, and the earlier you start preparing the better off you'll be for recruiting. Definitely reach out to as many alumni as you can; most are happy to give back and help in any way and can give invaluable information about their career path. Enjoy your time at Pomona (it's awesome) and remember while grades and classes are important, the times that you weren’t studying will stick with you much longer.