Jordan Pedraza | Sociology & Music 

From: San Francisco, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2009 | Sociology and Music

Current Employment: Head of Education and Community at Handshake

Past Employment: 

  • Head of Community at Remind
  • Senior Program Manager at Google for Education
  • Research Assistant-Programmer at Mathematica Policy Research


Hey hey! My background has been in education technology for 10 years and I've worked at large companies and startups. Outside of work I love reading, writing, and traveling. I'm super passionate about connecting with and empowering students to help them explore and navigate their professional and personal goals. With a Pomona and liberal arts background, there's a broad spectrum of paths you can take. I'm hear to listen to your story and support you in any way I can. Connect with me if you're interested in any of these fields: education, technology, policy research, academia, social impact, or performing arts. Connect with me if you're interested in any of these functions: marketing, community, program management, business development, strategy, or operations.