My hopefully helpful podcast + commentary on CPT

This is a video response to the International Narrative Blog Series launched via SagePost47.com.

I have also included thoughts on the CPT policy change discussion (20:45).


1) (0:47) What was the most important reason that made you decide to stay in the US / go back to your home country after graduation? 

2) (4:13) Any regrets - things you feel you didn't make the most of but should have during your time in Claremont? 

3) (8:00) How do you - apart from this - bear your added riches to the world?

4) (9:59) How have you, as an international student, navigated conversations with people outside of the United States when they have negative views of the USA/Americans?

5) (12:14) What challenges were unique to being an international student when you were figuring out post-graduation?

6) (15:57) Did being international effect the course of study you chose?

7) (17:32) As an international student, how do you present your unique advantages to employers?

8) (18:48) How do you deal with the challenges of the (potential) differences in values between the United States and your own country?