Gracie B.jpg

Gracie Bialecki | English

From: New Paltz, NY; Current: Paris, France

Pomona Days: Class of 2012 | English

Current Employment: Full-Time Writer

Past Employment:

  • Portfolio Manager, Drink Joyride
  • Assistant, Brazenhead Books
  • VP Sales, Joyride Coffee Distributors


I'm a writer and spoken word poet currently living in Paris. After graduating from Pomona, I spent five years in New York City working at a fellow alumni's start up and decided to leave in 2018 to pursue writing full-time. During my time in New York, I also worked as the assistant to the owner of Brazenhead Books – a speakeasy bookstore run out of his apartment. My time there inspired me and another friend to open our own pop-up gallery and storytelling space called Thirst. These communities have had an incredible impact on my writing and my life, and I'm happy to share more with anyone who's interested.