Garrick Monaghan | History

Hometown: from Granite Bay, California, now living in Los Angeles

Pomona Major: History, class of 2014

Current Employment: Campaign Manager of San Francisco Board of Supervisors campaign for Nick Josefowitz

Past Employment: 

  • Development staff with
  • Various campaign staff roles with the PIRG network


When I was a history student at Pomona I was always fascinated by the intersection of grassroots activists with broad political and cultural trends. And as I've become more involved in the political world, it's only become clearer to me that a dedicated few people can effect significant change with a bold vision and skilled political organizing.

I knew I wanted to be a part of the solution to real-world problems that so many people confront in their day-to-day lives (and, frankly, fight back against the deepening injustices of our 21st century), so I took the first job I could get in grassroots politics. I've worked as an organizer and campaign manager on environmental, public health, and electoral campaigns in California and across the country, and I'm so glad to be doing work that makes the world a better place. 

I thank my time at Pomona for opening my eyes to the way I could engage with the world, and for giving me skills to be an effective organizer. And I hope I can offer some guidance to current students or alumni who are looking to make their own mark on the world.