+ How much of a time commitment is it to be a mentor?

While we can’t predict exactly how much time mentors will spend participating in the program, they should be able to commit to having occasional discussions with mentees throughout the school year. There is no strict minimum threshold - Instead, we hope mentors and mentees arrive at an agreed-upon level of commitment through conversations.

+ I have received a ton of student requests - how can I manage?

Our on-campus team works to identify multiple requests for the same mentor, and on a case-by-case basis will set up group Skype calls to make that mentor’s time commitment more manageable. If you receive multiple student requests and would like to set up this type of group conversation, please reach out to one of the on-campus team members

+ Why are the questions students ask so generic? What exact problem can I help them with?

The level of question/discussion sophistication may vary based on class year and how far the student is into their college career / job search. We have recently developed networking guidelines for students to ensure that students and mentors alike get a lot out of SagePost47 connections, and believe this will increase the quality of future mentor -- student interactions.

+ A student requested me as a mentor through the SagePost47 website, but hasn’t reached out yet. Why is this?

Students are often busy with multiple concurrent projects, and so may not reach out immediately after being given a mentor’s contact information. Our on-campus team has recently begun checking in with students a little while after they request a mentor to be sure a connection is made.

+ I am a mentor, and I see another mentor on the SagePost47 website whom I’d like to get in touch with for my own professional development. How can I do this?

We love connections between Sagehens of all ages! To connect with a mentor, please fill out the SagePost47 online request form, and we will put you in touch with the mentor of your choice.

+ What does it mean to have a “mentor?”

Our alumni have committed themselves to providing advice and guidance with your academic, personal, and career goals. It is important to establish early on with your mentor your degree or level of commitment (e.g. what type of questions you need help with and how often you want to talk).

As a mentee, remember that our mentors are not here to provide jobs and internships. Please also understand that they have a busy schedule too. So if you have requested a mentor, it is your responsibility to follow up in a timely manner and engage with them through meaningful questions.

+ How do I connect with one of these mentors?

Easy! After you have scrolled through the alumni bios and found no more than three alumni that you’d like to connect with, simply click the “Join” link at the top of this page and fill out the information. We will then connect you with the mentor emails, after which you can begin to reach out to the alumni.

+ Why are we limited to three mentors?

We want to encourage students to narrow their interests by choosing mentors that match their personal or academic interests. In this way we hope to provide a more personalized and engaging experiences for both students and alumni.

+ When will I be connected with the mentor(s) of my choice after I submit my request?

We aim to get you connected within 72 hours of the email connection.

+ Will I be connected with every alumni that I choose?

Yes! As mentioned, once we receive the three alumni that you have chosen you will receive their emails and have the opportunity to connect with all of them.

+ My mentor connection request is time sensitive. How do I speed up the connection process?

If your request is urgent (due to an interview approaching, for example), either explain this to us in the info box when you submit your request, or send us a separate email explaining your situation and we will do our best to speed up the process for you!

+ I’ve never networked or connected with an alumni before, how should I approach emailing the mentor?

We have put together a Guidebook that goes over in detail how to network with alumni! The Guidebook is at the top of our website.

+ Can I join SagePost47 after I graduate?

Of course! We welcome passionate young alumni like you!

+ There are so many mentors… Is there a way for me to search mentors based on certain criteria or fields of interest?

Yes! We’ve recently added a search function near the top of the page. It’s not perfect yet - but you can use it to search for keywords (such as Biology, consulting, Google, etc.) and find mentors related to those keywords!