Emily Zheng.jpg

Emily Zheng | PPA - Economics

Current Location: Seattle, WA

From: Arcadia, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2019 | Public Policy Analysis - Economics

Current Employment: Private Bank Analyst at J.P. Morgan


I’m a recent graduate working in Wealth Management at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Coming into Pomona, I knew I wanted to major in Public Policy Analysis, but not much else. I was initially pre-law, but after talking to some SagePost47 mentors I realized that path wasn’t right for me. Figuring out my post-Pomona journey was not a linear process, but through a combination of finding what I truly enjoyed doing, mentorship, and luck, I am on a career path I am truly excited about.

At Pomona, I played flute in the orchestra, wrote and edited for the Claremont Journal of Law and Public Policy, worked on SagePost47’s leadership team, mentored Econometrics and Economic Statistics, served as a Resident Advisor, and was a Fulbright Summer Institute Scholar. My thesis examined whether Uber and Lyft are currently complements or substitutes of public transit, and how partnerships between cities and ride sharing companies can increase their complementary relationship and solve parking and mobility issues.

I’m more than happy to talk to you about Wealth Management and related careers, how to make the most out of your Pomona experience, internships, interviews, and anything in between!