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David Jankowski | Economics

From: Wellesley, MA; currently work in Palos Verdes, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 1987 | Economics

Current Employment: Principal, Revere Investments

Past Employment & Graduate School:

  • Vice President, Acquisitions @ Lend Lease Real Estate
  • MPP, Urban Planning/Redevelopment @ Harvard Kennedy School


After graduating from Pomona in 1987 I went to the Harvard Kennedy School (Masters in Public Policy, 1989) with the intent to enter the city planning/redevelopment field. 
From 1990-2001 I worked in the real estate pension fund advisory business as a director of acquisitions.

In 2002, with a partner, I started my own company, Revere Investments. It is focused on acquiring and renovating apartments in Southern California. Most of our properties are 10-50 units and are located in West LA, Glendale, El Segundo, Belmont Shore, Los Alamitos, Whittier, Anaheim and a few other cities.

We find the properties, assemble groups of investors, obtain loans, hire and supervise management companies, and conduct the purchase and sale transactions. 

Anyone potentially interested in commercial real estate is welcome to contact me to discuss my business and possibly shadow me for a few days.