Daniel Lin | Economics

From: Born in New Jersey, lived in Taiwan for 5 years, from Bay Area, CA since middle school

Pomona Days: Class of 2011 | Economics

Current Employment: Head of Operations at Hippo Thinks 

Past Employment: Contractor @ Google, Product Liaison @ Groupon, Marketing Operations Manager @ GREE (mobile-gaming), Ad Operations Manager @ Oxford Road (ad agency), Community Operations Manager @ Uber


Pomona called me the morning of my high school graduation ceremony and accepted me from the wait list. Sometimes things just work out when you least expect it to. Take a class or join a group that you are clueless about. Learn something you never thought you'd care about. The real world doesn't care about GPAs. They want to know who you are and what you can do. The best way to show this is to try, explore and repeat. I've bonded with customers over dance (took 1 semester of modern dance) and traveled in Japan (enrolled in a free language class through work). Stepping, jumping, or running away from the comfort zone is the only way to expand that zone. I've been scared many times (and this will not stop), but the worst thing that could have happened each time, was for me to have done nothing.