DACA Support Mentors

SagePost47 supports and stands in solidarity with undocumented, DACAmented, and immigrant students and alumni of the 5Cs

As part of this effort, some of our mentors have expressly volunteered to listen, support, and give advice to students that may be facing personal challenges related to their immigration status or may just need someone to talk to.  Those mentors are listed below.  If you are struggling with issues related to DACA, these mentors truly want to support you in any way they can, and you can contact them by clicking "Sign Up" above and requesting to connect with them.



Licensed Professional Counselor Intern


Community Fellow, Immigrant Justice Corps





"I am undocumented.  I also currently work in immigration law, so if any current undocumented students have questions for immigration attorneys, they can send them my way.  Also, I'd be more than happy to provide general consultations to see if any DACAmented/undocumented students qualify for any other immigration relief or walk them through the process of attaining a green card."


"I would love to help any students... most likely with encouragement and an open door.  I have some other young friends who are DACA recipients... and advocate for immigration reform and justice in my church."