Colin Belanger | Molecular Biology

Hometown: Grosse Pointe Park, MI (right outside Detroit)

Pomona Major: Molecular Biology, Class of 2014

Current Employment: Medical Student at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College (class of 2020)

Past Employment: Research Assistant at Rockefeller University, in the Simon Lab (a.k.a. I get to play science all day!)


Life so far has been an awesome adventure: leaving home for the distant west coast was overwhelming at first, but quickly became a great place to spend time and meet the amazing and interesting people who I was fortunate enough to attend school alongside. It made moving across the country (again!) to New York that much more exciting: I couldn't wait to run into the people out there to share an adventurous time exploring the city and life in general.

The students, staff, and faculty at Pomona make pretty much any pursuit exciting, and that goes for just about every department, club, society, etc.  Take whatever class sounds personally interesting, and you won't be disappointed. As an example, I remember being the only "science kid" in a History seminar, but the Professor mentioned to me personally on the first day that I should stick around if I was into it, and that she'd offer her help towards that end. I'm so glad I listened, as I was into every reading and discussion of it—essay included—and it remains one of my favorite classes to this day.

However, I stuck with the science field since I was very into the material we covered and the experimental approach of it all—and, more importantly, the professors who taught and helped open the door into a wonderful professional/post-graduation career. The faculty at Pomona can't be beat: don't be afraid to seek their insight, help, or advice about your goals for the future, it'll certainly be worth it!

To put it all together, the best lesson I took on from school was to actively seek out and retain the incredible thoughts and perspectives others have to offer; I wouldn't be where I'm at today without their help and insights. I'd totally open to pay it forward towards anyone who might need my help as well.