Chad Horsford | PPA Sociology

From: Los Angeles; Current: Los Angeles

Pomona Days: Class of 2011 | PPA Sociology

Current Employment: Housing Finance Consultant @ California Housing Partnership Corp.(2018 to present)

Past Employment:

  • Project Manager @ PATH Ventures (2017 to 2018)

  • Business Development @ Abode Communities (2014 to 2017)

  • Masters in Urban & Regional Planning @ UCLA (2012 to 2014)


After my first year at Pomona, I was introduced to the community development/affordable housing field through a summer internship with the Local Initiative Support Committee and Fifth Avenue Committee (a Community Development Corporation) back home in Brooklyn. Through that internship, I slowly realized that the community development field offered the right synergy between my desire to do social-good, in a way that could tangibly improve communities similar to the one that I grew up in, and intellectual stimulation in a manner that I valued. Long story short, I met some amazing people through later internships/life experiences that further introduced me to the field of Urban Planning as a way to actualize my dream, went to grad school, and got my toe in door through another internship. A few years later, I've realized that the field of affordable housing is larger than I first imagined, and my "ideal" role has changed as I've gained a better understanding of the field, but I've found my niche and believe I have a lifelong career.

One thing I wish I meditated more on at Pomona, and a common piece of advice that I share, is that you don't have to have it all figured out. It's difficult to know what your ideal role within a field is until you start fully living life in a given role/field. One way to help with that discernment process, is to talk to folks in the field you're interested in and ask about the non-work aspects of their lives as well as the 9-5 (or however long they actually work). Sometimes you find your career immediately whereas other-times it may take decades, no two journeys are alike, so give yourself plenty of grace along the way.

I'm always happy to talk to folks, and especially want to make myself available for first-generation and POC students.