Alex Groth.jpg

Alex Groth | Neuroscience

From: Wisconsin; Current: Palo Alto, CA

Pomona Days: Class of 2012 | Neuroscience Major

Current Employment: Co-founder & CEO of Gladly

Previous Employment: Business Development at TrialPay


For most of my time at Pomona, I was fully planning to go into academic research in Neuroscience. During my senior year, I started a random website project with a friend that led me to apply to some business roles at tech companies (mostly through Pomona Alums). What originally was going to be a year or two gap between Pomona and Grad school has turned into a possible career. I am now running my own startup that harnesses online advertising to raise money for charity.

I am a huge supporter of jumping into new things post-graduation, and seeing what sticks. You will quickly learn parts of jobs/industries that you either love or hate, and can use that to guide those terrifying first years of adulthood. Also, talk to alumni (and not just the successful ones)! There is a lot of life experience that doesn't show up in LinkedIn profiles or job descriptions, so be sure to ask why and how.