Aaron Tsai.jpeg

Aaron Tsai | Neuroscience

From: Los Angeles

Pomona Days: Class of 2017 | Neuroscience Major; Media Studies Minor

Current Employment: Category Product Owner at Jet.com/Walmart eCommerce


"You never know where life will take you."

As cliché and thrown around this phrase is (and its variants), I cannot stress more than enough that this is fairly accurate in my case.

Coming to Pomona, I was set on pursuing medicine or research as a Neuroscience major. I almost completed all of my required pre-med courses, became heavily involved with Claremont MEDLIFE, and had some volunteer and research experience under my belt. However, and this is the beauty of attending a liberal arts college, I had the opportunity to dabble outside of the sciences. I minored in Media Studies. I took ballroom and breakdancing classes and had zero prior experience in either. I interned at a social dating app startup. And despite not having changed my major, I am now working in online retail.

If you are wondering about 1) how and why I became ex-pre-med, 2) why I am in online retail and what my job is like, or 3) pursuing a career unrelated with your major(s)/minor(s), feel free to reach out. To throw in the mix, I also studied abroad through Pomona's neuroscience program at University College London, so if you have any questions about studying abroad or traveling, fire them away.

Of course, if you have questions outside of the ones just mentioned, absolutely do not hesitate to ask. I would love to know more about you and your career aspirations!